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1 A Day Spiritual Warfare 2nd Edition Maximize

1 A Day Spiritual Warfare 2nd Edition



Did you know you are in a war - for your soul and the souls of others? Are you ready for this ultimate battle? The Lord expects you to be. But where do you start? "One-a-Day Spiritual Warfare" is a collection of 61 aspects of spiritual warfare that detail why there is a war, your part in it, and what will happen if you do or do not choose to follow God's command to fight. God is in control, yet it is up to us to find out how to get on His side. The enemy's force is strong - but we have weapons at our disposal to overcome him. As you read this book, you will get bite-sized pieces of the war plan to help you see the big picture. Suggested scripture readings verify these principles. Get victory over the evil one! Use "One-a-Day Spiritual Warfare" as a teaching tool so you can win the fight for your soul and give God the glory.


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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