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The Quest To See Jesus

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IS JESUS LOST? That's not a safe question to ask out loud, especially in the typical church on Sunday morning. And yet, there's this uneasy feeling that something really is missing. Perhaps it's Jesus! Consumer-style Christianity has so redefined the person of Christ that He's just a mere shadow of His former self. The Galilean Carpenter who launched a global movement lies buried somewhere beneath the layers of tradition and the noise of religion. Most contemporary views of Jesus do little to excite the imagination and outright fail to ignite a call to mission. On any given Sunday, both are left behind in the padded pews as the saints flee to the nearest restaurant. But what if the resurrected Lord of Glory pulled back the curtain and allowed us to see Him as He really is? Imagine the stunned look on the Apostle Paul's face after this happened to him one day. He was travelling on the Damascus Road "breathing murderous threats against the church," when in a brilliant flash of light, he laid eyes on the real Jesus. The intensity of the vision was blinding-the scope of the vision, world changing. One Blinding Vision is an invitation for anyone who wants to begin a new journey into the life of Christ. Passionately raw and fiercely honest, read this book when you need to soothe the heartburn caused by an overexposure to the wrong Jesus.


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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