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One Little Candle is the story of Jessica L. Malone, a girl who journeys from the hills of Appalachia to her new home in Ohio. Certified to be a teacher, she begins work immediately, and teaching proves more wonderful than she dreamed it could be. Captivated by family and love for her students, years pass swiftly, but life presents pitfalls and tragedy strikes again and again. Jessica’s belief in Christ, however, uplifts her spirit and minimizes her pain. One Little Candle is a story of faith, love, hope and endurance. It speaks of struggle, disappointment, and heartache that tries to steal the joy of living but is overpowered by the warmth, peace, and contentment of God. It is a story of losing one’s dreams only to attain reality in a brighter way. There’s an unfailing blueprint for setting your heart aglow … simply BELIEVE, and your life will be blessed.


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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