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Let The Spirit Ignite Your Soul

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What would happen if you called on God's Spirit to unleash His power in your life? What if you really believed Jesus' promise that His Spirit would empower you to do even greater miracles than He did when He walked the earth? You hold the answers to those soul-stirring questions in your hands. Since the moment that Nicky Cruz-a street-tough gang member in New York City-met Jesus Christ decades ago, he has seen no distinction between the working of God's Spirit in the Book of Acts and the way that same Spirit works daily in his own life and ministry. In One Holy fire, the renowned author of Run, Baby, Run introduces you to the Holy Spirit. He shares never-before-published stories from his life that will quicken your heart and spark your spirit. He challenges you to abandon yourself and live according to the Spirit's moment-by-moment guidance. And he inspires you to open your heart. . .and let the Spirit ignite your soul.


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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