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12 More Women Of The Bible A DVD Study Maximize

12 More Women Of The Bible A DVD Study

Life Changing Stories For Women Today

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In this 12-session video Bible study, some of today's best-loved authors and speakers look at the spiritual lessons learned from twelve biblical women and what they mean for your life today. In each session women will learn to: *Apply biblical lessons to their own modern-day struggles *Live through their failures as well as successes *Draw near to God in a world filled with trials *Find lasting contentment *Overcome rejection and insecurity and much more Each of the 12 sessions focuses on one biblical character. These teachings will help women to discover lessons from biblical women that will help them to persevere through difficult circumstances and find joy in the hope that Jesus has provided. This DVD is designed for use with the Study Guide (sold separately).


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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