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From The Cross To The Mountain

A 90 Day Devotional To Take You From Calvary To The Ascencion Of Christ

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Life is hard, and tragedy can strike anyone. How can we survive when our lives fall apart? In this inspirational devotional, Darlene Busse takes readers on a ninety-day journey of discovery with Jesus, who will walk with us through every storm of life. He will: - Save us from drowning in our tears. - Cut off the baggage of our past. - Take us to the other side of our pain. - Re-mould us to be valued children of God. Neither the cross nor the grave could hold Jesus. As He ascended back to His Father, He promised that He would return. Until then, we have the Holy Spirit living in us to help us on our journey. A devotional of joy in the darkest hours, From the Cross to the Mountain will touch hearts and inspire hope! "... you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to countless thousands of angels in joyful gathering" (Hebrew 12:22, NLT).


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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