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New! PowerPoint® Tabernacle Microsoft PowerPoint users will love this easy-to-use presentation on the Tabernacle. This fantastic teaching tool allows you to project on a screen—or show or your computer monitor—the text and illustrations of the Tabernacle Cutaway wall chart. Great for teaching large groups with a digital projector. There are more than 50 “slides” including: • Tabernacle (full view) • Tabernacle (close up) • Brazen (brass) altar • Court Fence • Ark of the Covenant • The Holy Place • Lampstand (Candlestick) • The Most Holy Place • Altar of Incense • High priest’s garments There is enough information on this CD to teach 2-4 hours on the topic of the Tabernacle. You can show just one part of the Tabernacle or go through the entire presentation. You control the order and the timing.


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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