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Worship In A Flash For Advent And Christmas - USB Drive Maximize

Worship In A Flash For Advent And Christmas - USB Drive



You know how important worship it is to plan meaningful, engaging worship services. You might even know how to get started trolling all the dozens of worship web sites, looking for a few nuggets to throw into this week's service. What you don't know is how you're going to find the time in your busy week to research and pull together all the prayers, music, sermon ideas, projection images, and everything else you need for an exciting, authentic encounter with God in worship. What if someone had put all the elements of that kind of worship together for you in one place? What if all that help fit easily in your pocket or your purse? That's the ideas behind Worship in a Flash. Drawing on a vast library of prayers, calls to worship, litanies, benedictions, sermons, music, projection images and video, and other elements of worship, Abingdon Press provides everything you need to plan worship throughout Advent and Christmas, all on a convenient USB drive. Worship in a Flash includes: Calls to worship Pastoral Prayers Litanies Suggested Scripture readings Suggested sermon series Sermon briefs Hymn and praise song suggestions Anthem and solo suggestions Projection images Advent Services (4) Christmas Eve Service


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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