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An analysis of Chronicles using historical awareness, literary appreciation, and a biblical-perspective Now that the medium of "story" has been recovered by our postmodern culture, the books of Chronicles should find a renewed place in the Christian church, since they tell the story of the Davidic kingship in ancient Israel. David9s story is told as a theology of hope for a despairing Hebrew community in post-exilic Judah. Yet the books of Chronicles are also a sermon with an explicit application. The writer expected his audience to tease out the implications and applications of his retelling of Hebrew history on the basis of their knowledge of history and theology. The NIV Application Commentary 1, 2 Chronicles applies the books to today9s culture by bringing the lenses of historical awareness, literary appreciation, and a biblical-theological perspective to bear on the Chronicler9s sermons. The story of the Davidic dynasty in ancient Israel emphasizes the Chronicler9s anticipation of the reign of Jesus Christ as the ultimate "Son of David." The NIV Application Commentary Series volumes are helpful resources that explore each passage from three vital perspectives. The Original Meaning section illuminates the problems, questions, and concerns of the original audience and how the author spoke to those issues. The Bridging Contexts section helps bring the message from the biblical world into our world by looking for the timeless truths in the Scripture. The Contemporary Significance section shows how eternal truths presented in a different time apply to our lives today.


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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