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7 Churches Of Revelation PowerPoint



Easily get a fantastic overview of the Seven Churches of Revelation with this ready-to-use PowerPoint® Presentation. Packed with over 20 full-color charts, simple summaries, and maps, this ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation explains Jesus' message to each of the seven churches and shows key information at a glance! From the faithful church of Philadelphia to the lukewarm congregation of Laodicea, easily see each church's history, strength, weaknesses, and promises with just the click of a mouse. With additional printable resources on studying Revelation, you will discover what each church teaches about standing firm in your faith. Perfect for personal or small group use! This ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation includes over 130 highly-visual slides that you can edit or add slides to with your PC/Mac. This Seven Churches of Revelation presentation is a perfect addition to any Book of Revelation small group curriculum. Experience the ease of teaching the various Christian views of Revelation through the messages of the seven churches— *Ephesus *Smyrna *Pergamum *Philadelphia *Thyatira *Sardis *Laodicea


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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