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1 Corinthians

Order In The Church

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The Teach Yourself the Bible Series is one of the best New Testament Studies you will find anywhere. Each book in the series is packed full of valuable questions on individual chapters of the Bible, check-ups to test your grasp of scriptural truths, and usable suggestions for group study. Grow in your knowledge of God through each New Testament book, then go onto study six aspects of Christianity essential for all believers: doctrine, prayer, eternal life, prophecy, Christian character, and Bible study. The Corinthian church was predominantly Gentile, its members both rich and poor, educated and ignorant. Loose habits of paganism clung to many. Paul in I Corinthians appeals to them to remember their high position in Christ and the reality of their union with Him. His exhortation to bring their spiritual state into conformity with their standing in Christ is relevant to all generations. Strengthen your relationship with the living God with all twenty-five books of the Teach Yourself the Bible series. Each volume is a timeless, yet practical, study of the Word of God.


Sarah Young Jesus Always Oct 4, 2016

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